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Welcome to Tony's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria!

Antimo (Tony) Zampella, the heart and soul of Tony's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, had a remarkable journey from the farmlands and small villages of old Southern Italy to the bustling streets of San Diego. Born in 1928 in Mussolini's fascist Italy, Tony grew up during the turmoil of World War II, facing poverty and the struggle for survival in a war-ravaged country. These challenging conditions instilled in him a determined work ethic and a relentless drive to control his own destiny.

Tony's path to America began when he enlisted in the Italian Navy at the age of 18, where he served as a cook. After visiting Bremerton and San Diego while in the Italian Navy, his eyes were open to the world beyond his village and fueled his desire to make it to America, the land of opportunity. After leaving the Navy, Tony made his way back to San Diego and eventually to Bremerton.

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